Welcome to Billings Dental Clinic

Hello, Hola, Labas from Dr. Ed Lawler at Billings Dental Clinic.  Every language has a way to express a friendly greeting to another person, a welcome greeting. My staff and I extend that friendly greeting to you and invite you to join our family of patients who use us for their oral health needs and wants. If you’re looking for a family dentist, I hope that you consider contacting us and making an appointment today.


Dr. Ed Lawler at the Billings Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages including:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Implant Dentistry
  • General Dentistry

Dr. Ed Lawler’s VISION for his dental practice at Billings Dental Clinic is the following:

  • Be an affordable dentist option for the dental services performed emphasizing preventative dentistry protocols
  • Be gentle in the delivery of dental services “WE CATER TO COWARDS” is one of our mottos
  • Be accessible by having a convenient location at 848 Main Street, Suite #1, Billings Montana
  • Be committed to attending quality dental continuing education courses
  • Be approachable by being a good listener to understand the patient’s wants, needs, and concerns
  • Be responsive especially to the patient IN PAIN or with facial swelling

Why make an appointment with Dr. Ed Lawler at Billings Dental Clinic?

Dr. Lawler has vast experience in the field of dentistry AND he has a highly trained staff AND he has up-to-date equipment to help with diagnosing your problem and then treating your problem.

Remember though, “PREVENTATIVE DENTISTRY PAYS”, so preventing dental disease is well within the scope of modern day health by having regular checkups and cleanings so that the inflammation caused by bacteria growing around the gum area is held to a minimum.  If dental problems are detected, they can be addressed EASIER and CHEAPER than if left unchecked and addressed at a later time.  More and more research is concluding that inflammation, even with the gums, is a cause for problems in other areas of the body, ie: Brain, Heart, Liver, and Stomach.

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